A Whole Lot of Bubbles and Fun

November 17, 2016
Our World
By Tom

Phew, that was one tough week. I’m just so glad to see you all again! How was your week?!  

Right, so let me tell you what happened. A couple of days ago, Talking Hank woke me up REALLY early in the morning. I mean reaaaally early. Like, before even sun came up. What’s up with that? I know I said last time that Hank’s my BFF and everything, but something’s going on with him and I don’t know what. But I know exactly what to do to find out: I’ll follow him closely on Facebook this week. Maybe you could do the same? I have a hunch it’ll be interesting!

But that was just the beginning! Giant, colorful bubbles attacked Hank and me in Tom’s Studios. We were totally confused and everything. I mean, where did they come from? How could they be in so many colors? I’d never seen anything like it before.

Interestingly though, Hank was kind of… less scared than me. How weird is that?! I was always the bravest of the bunch, but Hank really is full of surprises. I guess I shouldn’t judge my friends too quickly.

It was also a pretty fun week. That’s cool – I like fun. In fact, I think that fun’s one of the most important things in life. Sadly, Talking Ben doesn’t think so. He doesn’t like fun at all! Well, Talking Angela claims that Ben’s idea of fun is just different from mine and that I should respect that. And I do. I totally respect Ben and his ideas, but… Ben and fun? I don’t know… I just don’t know. Hey, here’s an idea! How about you guys watch our latest episode and tell me what you think?!

So? Can Ben have fun? And did you see Ginger’s prank? Was that crazy or what? With my friends there’s always some kind of an adventure. I just love them for that! 😀

I feel much better talking to you like that. Big thanks for reading my blog. BIG thanks – like, bigger than Ben’s brains! I hope you had fun, too! And I hope you keep having it till we chat again next week. You’ll be back next week, right? I’d like that for sure.

Till then – take care and have fun!

– Tom 😀