Talking Tom and Friends – Pirates of Love (Season 3 Episode 1)


Talking Angela’s got her big break! But when Talking Tom interferes in her music video with superstar, Ricky de Luna, he makes everything worse. Is this the end for everyone’s favorite couple?

Talking Tom and Friends – The Rise of The CEO – Season 3 Trailer


The CEO is the ruthless and greedy businessman who wants to put Talking Tom and Talking Ben out of business. Will he have a change of heart in Season 3?

Season 2 I Angie Fierce


Talking Angela creates an alter ego for the stage. But not everyone’s a fan of the new Angela…

Season 2 I Space Conflicts VIII


Talking Tom’s favourite movie is about to debut its 8th installment and the guys are super excited. But – GASP – Talking Angela’s never watched it!

Season 2 I Email Fail


Email fail! Talking Tom accidentally just sent a top secret master plan to his enemy, the CEO. Can he stop it reaching him?

Season 1 I Friends Forever


TalkTalking Tom has to decide between breaking Talking Angela’s friendship bracelet and saving his friends. What will he choose?

Season 1 I Blanket Fort


Hank and Ginger build an authentic and totally awesome fort! As usual, they get carried away…

Season 1 I Angela’s Heckler


It’s not such a winter wonderland when Talking Angela gets heckled off the stage, but no one knows who did it.