Talking Tom and Friends – The Mayor Will Be Back Soon


Yes, it’s true – Talking Tom and Friends is on hiatus. But don’t worry! The show will be back in a few weeks. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

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Vote for Tom!


The race is on! Election night is fast approaching, but there’s still everything to play for! Who’s going to be the next mayor? Talking Tom or the CEO? Get Season …

The Sabotage


Talking Angela’s a pop star! Turns out Talking Tom’s a pretty good manager. Or is he? Maybe he should have read the fine print about who he sold the song to…

The Cool and the Nerd


An old friend is back, but there’s something strange about him…

The Backup Genius


Talking Ben decides to get an assistant, but his friends are suspicious of the new guy.

Couples Clash (Part 2)


Two couples enter. One couple leaves. Who will win the epic game of Couple Clash?

Couples Clash (Part 1)


Competition heats up at Tom and Ben Enterprises when everyone tries to get to the top of the trending board.

What’s Happening with Tom and Angela?!


Things are getting… interesting between Talking Tom and Talking Angela in Season 2! But what’s going to happen next? Voice actors Colin Hanks and Lisa Schwartz are here to give you a few hints in this special behind the scenes sneak peek! Don’t miss the next episode of Talking Tom and Friends, which comes out on July 13th!

Just Friends – Talking Tom and Friends


With the carnival in town, Talking Tom and Talking Angela decide to put their plan to the test. Can they really just be friends?!

Extreme First Date – Season 2 Episode 2


Awkward! Talking Tom and Talking Angela are super weird around each other now. What’s going on?

Forgotten Kiss – Season 2 Episode 1


Talking Tom and Friends are back! But there’s something strange going on. Are they missing memories?

The Most Viewed Episodes of Talking Tom and Friends (Top 5)


Here are the five episodes of Talking Tom and Friends with absolute highest view count. We’re not surprised. We love them too!

Season 2 is Coming!


Can’t wait for Season 2 of Talking Tom and Friends? We can’t blame you! But we’ve got the next best thing – a behind the scenes sneak peek with the voice actors behind all your favorite characters!

The Voices of Talking Tom and Friends – Behind the Scenes


The voice actors behind the smash-hit series, Talking Tom and Friends, talk about their characters and their work on the show. Featuring: Colin Hanks, Lisa Schwartz, Tom Kenny, James Adomian and Maria Bamford. Meet the voices of Talking Tom and Friends as real life actors!

TOP 5 Episodes YOU Really Liked – Talking Tom and Friends


Everyone likes some episodes more than the others. But which ones does everyone love? These are the top episodes of Talking Tom and Friends according to like ratio! In other words, the episodes that got the most likes in proportion to dislikes.

TOP 5 Most Viral Episodes of Talking Tom and Friends


We’ve all got our favorite episodes of Talking Tom and Friends. But which episodes do you think went the most viral in their first month on YouTube? Take a look!

Talking Tom and Friends – Attraction Distraction


What do Tanner Van Quads, Xenon, Jeremy the Germ and The Sundae have in common? Talking Tom and the gang all have pretty intense relationships with them… Watch this awesome five-episode compilation and see for yourself!

Talking Tom and Friends – What’s Coming Next (Inside the Writer’s Room)


Can’t wait for Season 2 of the Talking Tom and Friends animated series? Get a few sneak peeks from the writers in this exclusive behind the scenes video!

Talking Tom and Friends – The Most Embarrassing Episodes of Season 1


Everyone likes a good laugh – that’s why we’ve put together this compilation of some of the funniest, cringiest, most embarrassing moments from Season 1 of Talking Tom and Friends. Enjoy!

Talking Tom and Friends – Meet the Cast


Want to meet the crazy talented actors behind your favorite characters in “Talking Tom and Friends”? We chatted with Colin Hanks, Tom Kenny, James Adomian, Maria Bamford and Lisa Schwartz.

Season Finale – A Secret Worth Keeping (The Complete Trilogy)


Will they? Won’t they? Find out what happens between Talking Tom and Talking Angela right here in this exclusive, three-episode season finale compilation!

Episode #51 – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Three


Talking Angela realises it’s time to reveal her secret when things start to spiral out of control. But will it be too late?

Episode #50 – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Two


There’s more than just Talking Angela’s love life at stake when the CEO calls for a meeting with Tom and Ben Enterprises.

The Epic Season Finale of Talking Tom and Friends – Trailer


We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer: the season finale is almost here! Watch “A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 2” on Thursday 15th and the BIG FINALE, “A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 3” on Thursday 22nd! The countdown starts NOW!

Episode #49 – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part One


Talking Tom gets directions mixed up and ends up in the desert rather than picking up dessert. Does this mean he’ll miss hearing Talking Angela’s big secret?

Episode #48 – Embarrassing Memories


Talking Tom and Talking Ben relive some of their most embarrassing memories when they travel back in time.

Episode #47 – Museum Madness


It’s time for fun! Talking Tom and the gang want Talking Ben to take the day off. But it turns out that their idea of fun isn’t the same as his… Meanwhile, back in the app studio, Talking Ginger has full run of the place. And he’s found the sonic surfboard.

Episode #46 – Poker Face


Disaster at the app studio! When Talking Tom loses a bet, The Landlord becomes the new CEO of Tom and Ben Enterprises and turns it into a cleaning company. Bored and full of mischief, Talking Ginger decides he’s the only one who can make it right. Will he be able to get the company and his friends back?

Episode #45 – The Voice Switch


That doesn’t sound right! All the gang’s voices have been switched around because of an invention malfunction, but with Talking Angela’s gig a few hours away the clock’s ticking! Will they fix her voice in time?

Episode #44 – Funny Robot Galileo


It’s laugh night at the app studio! But not because of Talking Ben’s terrible jokes. Worried his act will flop at the CEO’s birthday party later, Ben invents a comedy robot. But the laughter soon stops when the robot decides to bring down Tom and Ben Enterprises. Will they stop him in time?

Episode #43 – Love Formula


Talking Ben + a nerdy girl at the Grape Geek store = the formula for love? The chemistry is right, and setting up the first date is just a formality. But it all ends up like an experiment gone wrong when Ben tries to follow the advice from both Talking Tom and Talking Angela. Is Ben destined to be alone, or will he play his cards right?

Episode #42 – Parallel Universe


Two Talking Toms?! After Tom ignores Talking Ben’s warning about touching the science equipment, he accidentally opens a wormhole to a parallel universe! On the other side he meets alternate versions of all his friends – including a Talking Angela with a crush on him! Will Tom want to go home or will he be tempted to stay?

Episode #41 – Hank’s New Job


An ice cream sundae leads to a disaster for Talking Hank – he has to get a job! Soon his 9-to-5 starts to take over his life and it’s up to Talking Tom and the gang to show him that there are more important things than washing dishes.

Episode #40 – Angela The Cheerleader


It’s Barracudas vs. Piranhas! And only moments before the big game, Talking Angela finds herself right in the middle of a basketball fan rivalry. With a career opportunity on one side and her friends on the other, Angela tries to sing her way out of the situation. Will she win the hearts of the crowd or lose the trust of her friends?

Episode #39 – Germinator 2: Zombies


Jeremy the Germ is back! Using Talking Ben to do his germy dirty work, Jeremy sits back to watch the zombie germ apocalypse spread through the neighborhood. But Talking Tom and the gang aren’t going down without a fight! Will they cure everyone before it’s too late?

Episode #38 – Heatwave


It’s getting hot in here. When the thermostat breaks, it falls on Talking Ben to hack the system and restore the righteous temperature to all. But everyone breaks a cold sweat when he makes it freezing instead. Can the gang get their cool back when too much power pushes Ben over the top?

Episode #37 – The Famous Monster


There’s no business like show business. When Talking Tom steals the scene from Talking Angela, the fame quickly goes to his head. But his big break backfires right in his face, leaving him with a frozen expression. Now it’s time to act his way out of a paper bag before his scary look is unmasked.

Episode #36 – Daddy Ben


It’s a boy! Cleaning the garage was supposed to be a dull job. But when Talking Ben becomes a dad to a computer kid, his day goes from boring to parenting at light speed! Can Ben learn everything about dadhood in just a few hours?

Episode #35 – Friends Forever


Ready or not, here he comes! The stakes have never been higher for Talking Tom in an intense round of hide and seek. Torn between saving his friends or tearing his friendship bracelet from Talking Angela, he needs to make an important decision. Will Tom save the day, or save Angela’s friendship?

Episode #34 – Online Romance


Free milkshake day is a highlight of the social calendar. But when Talking Tom gets distracted from his real friends by his online #BFFs, things quickly go from dairy to dreary. It’s up to Talking Angela to log online and save Tom from himself in the name of #friendship.

Episode #33 – Jetpack Ninja


Once a ninja, always a ninja. Talking Hank gives Talking Ginger a lesson in the mysterious ways of a warrior. But the young grasshopper doesn’t always have the patience for learning mad ninja skills. When a jetpack gets involved, it becomes an uphill battle to fight for good, not evil.

Episode #32 – Angela’s Secret


Forbidden fruit has never been less sweet. Talking Tom knows that Talking Angela is a health nut, but that doesn’t explain the amount of fruit in her house. Convinced she’s gone bananas, he does what anyone does in stressful situations…eat. Can the gang consume all the evidence to protect their friend, or will this just make them thick as thieves?

Episode #31 – Lost Friend Will Zee


Talking Tom’s long-lost childhood pal Will Zee comes crashing in for a visit. But Tom is thrown for a loop when Will turns out to be way cooler than the bed-wetter he remembers from summer camp. Now Will puts the hip in hipster, and shockingly, he might just be…even cooler than Tom.

Episode #30 – Every Girl’s Dream


The perfect man does exist. Or at least that’s what Talking Tom is bargaining for when he buys a “Perfect Man” starter kit to impress Talking Angela. As he tries to distract her from her celebrity crush, a massive fail shows him that practice doesn’t always make perfect.

Episode #29 – Tennis Kid


This time, the ball is in Talking Tom’s court. Tom and Talking Angela rally to be the cooler tennis coach for Talking Ginger. But it’s down to the match point when competitive Angela crosses the line. Can they meet in the middle and help Ginger serve up some real athleticism, or will his opponent win the match?

Episode #28 – Ghost Pirate Hunting


Ahoy, matey! Talking Hank and Talking Ginger are true scallywags when they touch Talking Ben’s computer without permission. They need to scourge the seven seas, or at least the garage, when a scary pirate ghost makes an appearance. Can they sail into safe waters, or will they be forced to walk the plank?

Episode #27 – Tom’s Love Song


Talking Tom always has a trick up his sleeve. To get Talking Angela under his spell, he writes down some very personal song lyrics. But this only spells disaster when they fall into Talking Ginger’s naughty hands. Tom sets out to master the art of magic before his deep secrets are revealed.

Episode #26 – The Perfect Day


Talking Tom’s picture-perfect day comes to life after Talking Ben invents a cool simulator app. He realizes that with all the fame and fortune he could want, the only person who could really make his day special is Talking Angela. Will Tom make his move before he comes crashing down to reality?

Episode #25 – Angela’s Critic


Talking Angela is forced to face the music when her new song gets a rotten review from a top critic. As her trademark positivity is put to the test, she needs a little help from her friends to turn a thumbs down situation into a thumbs up. Will Angela top the charts, or hit a sour note?

Episode #24 – The Contest


No phone, no friends, no problem. Talking Tom challenges his pals to the most unthinkable mission – quit using technology. Tom may be confident that he can pull it off, but how can they possibly survive? After all, when the tech is away…no one can play.

Episode #23 – The Perfect Roommate


It’s not every day the floor of your house turns into a volcano. But when Talking Tom’s living room becomes a lava room, he gets a chance to live with Talking Angela! With the rest of the gang there too, Tom fears that any hope of getting closer to Angela will turn to ashes.

Episode #22 – CEO in Trouble


A blizzard isn’t the only thing barging in after a stranded CEO gets stuck in Talking Tom’s garage. Tom’s ambition gets the better of him as he tries to sell the billionaire his business ideas. Will Tom profit from this lucky accident and finally get his big break?

Episode #21 – Blanket Fort


It’s an unofficial secret that Talking Ginger is king of the castle – but this time Talking Hank is too! The dynamic duo build a fort to rule the others, but the lowly peasants revolt. Who will get thrown into the moat, and who will reign supreme?

Episode #20 – Angela’s Heckler


When someone heckles Talking Angela at the Christmas talent show, she turns redder than Rudolph’s nose. Talking Tom’s mission to put things right and restore Angela’s Christmas cheer might just score him points under the mistletoe.

Episode #19 – Doc Hank


Who trusts a doctor with an online medical degree? A breakthrough with Talking Ben’s health triggers ‘Doctor’ Talking Hank to cure the world, one friend at a time. But a lollipop a day keeps the doctor away when Hank’s patients lose their patience.

Episode #18 – Ping Pong Wizard


Ping Pong wizards actually exist! Talking Ben rallies some table tennis trouble when his winning streak gets out of control. As an unlikely defender rises to challenge Ben’s title, will Ben get served victory? Or has he finally met his match?

Episode #17 – Glove Phone


A Glove Phone is the new, cutting-edge gadget that everyone has to have – and only Talking Ginger can get. Talking Tom leads a super secret mission to restore the Glove Phone to someone more deserving … himself.

Episode #16 – Hank the Director


Hank gets power-hungry on his birthday and makes everyone act out his favorite TV show…at least there’s cake!

Episode #15 – The Germinator


Ben is the only one who isn’t friends with the new germ in town. Will his cautious nature drive a hole into his friendships?

Episode #14 – Think Hank


The ‘Ginger Avenger’ is back! And this time he’s got Hank in his crosshairs. Armed with his powers of persuasion and Hank’s soft, pliable brain, Ginger works his evil magic. Will Ginger learn his lesson when the prank starts to get out of control?

Episode #13 – Big Ben


Ben is determined not to bomb at the next open mic night so he investigates the science of humor. And finds out that size really is everything…

Episode #12 – App-y Halloween


It’s trick-or-treat time and Ginger is preparing for costumes, candy, and chaos. But then the gang decides that they’re going to sit out on the Halloween festivities this year and Ginger puts on his evil thinking cap to enact his spook-tastic revenge.

Episode #11 – Hank the Millionare


What would you do to achieve your dreams? Beg, plead, make a heartfelt appeal on video!? Well, Hank has a dream… so he takes his dream to the people – on Cashkicker. But what happens is bigger than he ever dreamt!

Episode #10 – Man on the Moon 2


Ben has packed his suitcase and left with his astronaut’s helmet. Whatever will happen to Tom and Ben Enterprises now? And there’s an app update due…

Episode #9 – Man on the Moon


The annual best friends camping trip goes awry right from the beginning: traditions get ignored, contraband gets smuggled in, and then… the moon gets involved.

Episode #8 – Strategic Hot Mess


Episode #7 – Ben’s High Score


Ben’s used to being top dog: high scores, high IQ – the works. But then little ol’ Hank comes along and soars to the top of the Flappy Tom charts. Who will win in the ultimate “Flappy Talking Tom” showdown? Hank or Ben?

Episode #6 – Angela’s Scarf


It’s one of the biggest fashion events of the year and Angela’s convinced that this is her time to shine. She’s getting ready for her moment in the spotlight when Tom gets her into a series of app-tastic, shrimp-munching misunderstandings and misadventures. Will Angela get her big break? Or will Tom steal the show?

Episode #5 – Magnetic Ben


It’s the Fourth Annual Kentossy Racing Derby and the horseshoes (and tempers) are flying. Although Ginger and the gardener are reigning champs, Ben and Tom are determined to take them on and win this year. But then Ben gets a job offer he can’t refuse. It’s practically… magnetic.

Episode #4 – The Assertive App


Tom and Ben get distracted from what they’re doing and end up building an app to help them be assertive (and get people to do what they want). But, thanks to Ginger’s desire for world domination and Angela’s vengeance, the app doesn’t quite make it out of beta testing…

Episode #3 – Future Tron


After seeing the two greatest tech developers (and best friends) brawl with each other on stage at a tech conference, Tom and Ben decide that the only way to figure out if their friendship and their ambitions will last is to take a peek at… the future!

Episode #2 – Friendly Customer Service


Tom and Ben take decisive action at the app studio and replace Hank with a friendly robot as their customer services representative. But things start to get out of hand really quickly. Who knew that friendliness could be so terrifying?

Episode #1 – Untalking Tom


It’s the week of the “So You Think You Can App” app design contest and disaster has struck the gang; Talking Tom can’t talk! With a gigantic check in the balance and Tom’s total disregard of his doctor’s orders, not to mention a big bust up between Tom and Ben, the stakes have never been higher!


Episode #0 – Christmas audition


Dazzled by dreams of fame and fortune, Talking Tom is attempting to make an audition video for a reality TV show. With the help of his neighbor Ginger, Tom tries to convince the TV producers that his life belongs on the screen – he even has his own “confession booth” for extra drama! Nothing quite goes according to plan, but with the help of his friends and some inspiration from a very special seasonal guest, Tom and the gang are about to embark on their next big adventure!