Big Plans for Holidays

December 22, 2016
Our World
By Tom

A very warm welcome to you, guys. We’re in the middle of festivities but, as always, things haven’t been going exactly according to plan.

This whole week we were busy making arrangements for the upcoming holidays. Talking Angela naturally took the lead. We were barely able to keep up! She was all, like, “put the decorations in this corner – no, wait! Put them in that corner. And put the lights here, but make them orange, no, yellow! Actually, go buy candles…” But, you’ve gotta hand it to her, she really knows how to make things pretty perfect! Although I had lots of ideas, too. Like making an app that would let us make the christmas tree dance. Talking Ben didn’t like the idea though, so we didn’t make it.

Ben was a bit too busy with his own invention. He calls it “The Xmasnator”. It makes the Christmas tree hover in mid-air. Lovely. But.. It didn’t really work and it kept ruining Angela’s decorations. Just like Talking Ginger, who kept eating the sweets from the tree, and Talking Hank, who kept taking photos and trampling on everything that got in his way!

Basically, everything was a disaster, but we got our act together in the end and it looks like we are going to have a fun-tastic Christmas after all. There’s still something that’s bothering me, though. I think Ben and Angela are keeping a secret from me. But I’m not sure. Can I ask for your help? Can you watch the latest episode and try to find out for me?

Woah. And that was actually the season finale! But don’t worry – the next season starts in the spring, so be sure to come back here for more info.

I wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you spend it in the company of the most fun people in the world!

– Tom 😀