Games, Questions and Secrets

December 1, 2016
Our World
By Tom

OK, what now? Oh, yes, it’s my blog. Welcome back again, I’m so happy to see you!

I’ve been a little bit lost in my thoughts lately. I just can’t find the time to concentrate; there’s always someone around to disturb me. To be honest, I’m quite easily distracted though! 😀 Especially when Talking Hank comes around and wants to play. How can you say no to Hank? Right? Well, I definitely can’t. And so, earlier this week when Hank was goofing around while I was trying to think (and watching TV at the same time), I just gave up and joined Hank. That’s time well spent. Or is it?

Ugh, questions, questions. There are always some hard questions to answer. I’ve been asking myself lots lately. Was this year successful? Have I done good? Could I do better? Can I be better next year? What about my business? And my friends? And Talking Angela?! Hmm. What about Angela? Argh! I’ll go mad if I keep pondering all these questions. After all, it is what it is. But maybe… Maybe next year everything could be different. And better. Maybe.

I’ll tell you secret – Talking Ben can’t keep secrets. I can (obvs), but I’m telling you anyway because we’re such a good friends. You have to promise not to tell anyone though, OK? I hope you don’t find keeping secrets too hard, ‘cause it’s not easy sometimes. Take Ben, for example, he’s incredibly smart, he’s a good friend and a perfect business partner. But for him it’s physically impossible to keep a secret. It’s like a disease! And the only thing for Ben to do to cure it is… Well, see for yourself.

You see what I mean? Although in the end Ben wasn’t able to reveal his secret. They’re up to something funny with Angela. And I’m gonna find out what! Stay tuned, this is gonna be interesting…

Have a great week! Bye.

 – Tom 😀