Good Old Memories

June 15, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hey there, guys! Remember the last time we were together? You do? Lucky you.

Having a good memory is really great. You can remember all the amazing things that have happened in your life. I’ve got some awesome memories. Do you remember when Talking Angela and I went out for a romantic dinner? Or the time Talking Hank got that job at the diner? Or the time I went to the Yucatán and found the huge Green Sparkle Diamond?! I think back to stuff like that a lot – we’ve had some great times together! Thinking about them keeps me going when I’m feeling a bit down. You should try it yourself. When there’s an obstacle you’re not sure you can overcome, just take a deep breath and think about your favorite memory for a while. It’ll give you a new perspective and you’ll be able to go forward much happier than before!

But can you imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost your memories?! Like you couldn’t remember where you were yesterday. Or the day before. Or the day before that! Can you imagine?! It would be so scary!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me and my friends. We lost all our memories of the past two months. TWO MONTHS! How crazy is that?! It’s horrible. Or is it? Maybe it’s actually good. I mean, it isn’t, but… for some things… You know what I’m talking about, right? Okay, imagine you did something really embarrassing in front of your friends. That would actually be okay to forget, wouldn’t it?

Well, I think it’s about time you watched the first episode of Talking Tom and Friends Season 2! That way, you can see for yourself just how tricky memories are. Believe me, you gotta see this:

See what I mean?! Amazing mystery, right?! I tell you, watching the episode is fun, but being part of it? Well, that was pretty hard, actually. Haha! But don’t worry about me. I’m all good now. I’ve got plenty of good old memories and I’m TOTALLY READY for new adventures. Let’s do this – SEASON 2! Woohoo!

Come back next week for more fun!  😉