Hank needs your ♥

January 12, 2017
By Tom

Hello, my friends. I hope you’re sitting down because I have news for you!

My best bud Talking Hank has gone travelling! Yes, you heard me right. He’s no longer hanging around with us – he’s actually gone off to some tropical island! Hawaii, I think. And he’s taking photos of all the animals living there. Can you believe it?!

Let me tell you the whole story. Hank recently decided he needed a new hobby. He kind of decided he wanted to try photography. So he started taking snaps on his mobile phone and helped Talking Angela make videos for her songs. He was really persistent (and also quite good) and that’s why we decided to give him a proper camera over the holidays. He was so happy, he really was. And he made really good use of his camera taking great pictures of us and our adventures.

But then he decided there simply wasn’t enough interesting things to take pictures of! But he loves animals so someone suggested that he go somewhere where there are lots of interesting wild animals to photograph. Nothing happened for a while, but then Hank disappeared. Vanished. And not a word to anyone. We thought someone kidnapped him! Maybe by competitors who wanted to steal secrets from me and Talking Ben. But then Hank sent us pictures from a beautiful tropical island. Turns out he’s gone on an amazing adventure! And he said he’s doing great; taking pictures of extraordinary animals, feeding them and playing with them. He said he misses us but that he has photos of all of us so we’re always close to him. We were so surprised! Haha!

He seems super happy and excited, but I don’t know… I think Hank may need a little help. Can you give it to him? Check the video to see how.

So, now you know. Talking Hank’s gone to Hawaii! And he’s got his own app – it’s called “My Talking Hank”. I mean, that’s pretty awesome, right?! Download the app here and remember: Hank needs your <3!

Now I’m off to play “My Talking Hank” too! See you next time.

– Tom 😀