Healthy as an Apple

March 30, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hello, everyone. Hope you’re all healthy and feeling fine.

This week has been all about healthy living for me and the gang. Well, fun, games, and healthy living, to be precise. Now that the cold winter weather has gone and spring’s here, we decided we should start eating healthy food again. You know, fruits and vegetables and stuff. It’s good for you. Especially when Talking Angela makes it – her recipes are delicious. On top of all the other things she’s great at, she’s also a great cook. And she loves sharing the awesome food she makes, which is lucky, because if it were up to me and Talking Ben, we’d just order pizza every day. Can you imagine how boring that would be after a while? And not healthy at all.

Talking Hank doesn’t have these kind of problems. He’s running around Hawaii, eating ripe tropical fruit right from the trees. I mean, every once in a while he has to run away from a bad-tempered hippo or chase fast-paced monkeys to take their photos, but he’s healthy alright. Healthy as an apple. Speaking of apples, I bought a handful of beautiful red ones the other day. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to eat them right then and there or make something with them. I’m not a great at these things, but in the end I decided to try and make a smoothie. It turned out brilliantly! Even Angela was impressed.

But I have something to admit – when Angela praised my sauce, I turned red as a tomato! I was pretty embarrassed! Silly me. But I can’t help it, Angela always makes me feel a bit weird. But it wasn’t awkward for long because Hank came to visit and we all went shopping. It would have been better if Angela and I didn’t want the same thing in the supermarket though…. I bet you can imagine what a fierce competition that was.

Don’t worry. We all ended up eating together back at the app studio, happy as ever. And Talking Ginger’s mom gave us some of her homegrown apples for our salad. They were amazing. I feel so healthy, you guys!

Until next time, stay healthy and happy!

– Tom 😀