Here’s to BFFs

February 2, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hello and welcome to the party! Which party, you ask? Why, Talking Angela’s, of course. It’s her birthday!

It’s been all about Angela this week. And rightly so! We were getting ready for her party, finding the best gifts, helping her with the birthday music video she made for her fans… Like I said, lots of work. But we were all happy to do it for Angela. Talking Hank sent her a special photo from Hawaii. And even Talking Ginger asked his mum to make a cake for Angela, but he then ate it all… We weren’t really surprised or angry. I mean, it’s Ginger we’re talking about! 😀

Wanna know what I wished Angela for her birthday? For us to stay best friends forever. We really are very good friends, you know. We’re always there for each other. And we know lots about each other. I’ll prove it to you! D’you know what Angela’s favorite color is? Blue? Red? Pink? Nah, she likes all the colors of the rainbow! That’s just classic Angela – her heart’s as big as a three-storey chocolate cake with red sprinkles on top. I really admire her, you know. She’s so brave – it takes courage to go on stage and sing to a huge crowd. And she certainly doesn’t lack determination – she can do anything she sets her mind to.  

As I mentioned before, Angela made her own birthday video for all her fans. Now that Hank’s gone to Hawaii, me and Ginger had to help her. Well, mostly me, because Ginger is… well, you know… he’s not really very reliable. About 10 minutes into helping, he found another toy to play with. So, I had to operate the camera by myself and my hands got a little shaky. Luckily, Talking Ben used an app to make the shaking disappear. I hope it did anyway. Take a look for yourself!

So there you go, the birthday girl  herself. Hey, you know what? She released a super cool new app update for “My Talking Angela” as part of her birthday celebrations. You should check it out! Download it here!!

Thanks for being with me and see you next week. Bye!

– Tom 😀