It’s Countdown Time

December 28, 2016
Our World
By Tom

Hello, my holiday friends! I’m so glad you didn’t forget me at this busy time! 😀

I mean, holidays can be a bit much sometimes. You always want to make everything perfect, you know? The decorations, the food, the playlist of holiday movies (although Talking Hank makes that) and so on. And then sometimes, after all that, you find don’t have enough time left for the most important thing: gifts! Can you imagine how Talking Angela would react if I forgot to get her a gift?

If we’re talking about gifts, I have to say, I think me and friends pretty much nailed it with that camera we gave to Hank. I’d never have thought of giving him such a gift a few months ago, but lately he’s been showing such a talent for photography… He was sooooo happy when he unwrapped it! He really was. And we all felt good about it. Now we’re just waiting for him to break it… 😀 Talking Ben and I have already made a bet: if Hank breaks or loses his camera in under a month, I’ll have to do all the cleaning at Tom’s Studios. But, if Hank’s camera lasts more than a month, Ben will have to make all the mobile apps that I come up with! Can’t wait to see who’ll win, can you?

By the way, we went to the stars this week. I mean to the planets. True planets in the outer space. It was a fun thing to do, just when the year is about to end. Take a look.

So, what do you think? Are we superstars or what?

OK, I gotta run. We’re getting ready for the big New Year’s Eve party. Ben’s made the most accurate countdown app in the world, so we’ll know when the new year is starting right down to the nanosecond. Don’t know why that’s important, but you know Ben can never stay away from weird inventions! And Angela’s taking care of music, so that should be nice. Don’t know what we’ll do with Talking Ginger… After all, he’s not allowed to stay up too late. But I’m really looking forward to this!

Have fun and see you next year!

– Tom 😀