It’s Fashion Time

February 24, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hello, everyone! Spring is just around the corner here at Tom and Ben Enterprises. But it’s already summer on the island where Talking Hank lives. It’s been summer since… well, forever!

Still, you have to wear some kind of clothes – even there! But I guess it is tropical so you don’t need many – just some shorts, shirts and a nice hat. That’s what I would wear anyway. And that’s the sort of clothing I wanted to send to Hank. You see, Hank asked us to send him some new clothes. He’d worn his old ones to pieces. I had couple of shirts and shorts ready to go, but when Talking Angela saw them, she was absolutely horrified!

It was like she’d seen a monster. She quickly took matters in her own hands. She browsed the web, checked out half a dozen shops in the neighborhood and came back with a huge pile of new clothes for Hank. She then started to match pieces together, you know, which shirt goes with which shorts and so on. Crazy, if you ask me.

But Angela insisted that Hank has to be the best dressed gentleman on the island. And so she packed all the clothes up and went to Hawaii herself to deliver them. Not a word from her or Hank for a couple of days and then they sent this video.

Haha! Insane, right?! They made a catwalk and did a whole fashion show. And check out Hank looking all dashing in his new clothes. Why’s Angela never put on a show like that for me? Maybe because I dress better than Hank? Guys, what do you think? Do I? No, wait, just tell me I do. Please. Arghh! I don’t know what to think. I guess I’ll have to ask Talking Ben to make some kind of an app for rating fashion. In fact, that’s a brilliant idea. I should totally make that. Hey, Ben…

Cheers, folks. See you next week.

– Tom 😀