Last of the Autumn Fun

November 3, 2016
Our World
By Tom

Bada bing bada boom! Look who’s back in the room! It’s you, of course! Stopping by to catch up with me and friends, and to find out what we’ve been up to since last week. Haha! Let me sate your curiosity with some awesome news and super fun facts. Let’s go!

Autumn is starting to draw to a close and now, even as you read this, winter is coming! 😉 The gang and I decided to enjoy the last days of autumn by visiting all the autumn festivals in town! We visited an apple festival, a pumpkin festival, and an apple juice festival as well! Thanks for all your epic suggestions for how to use the pumpkin I got at the festival! Talking Angela ended up showing me how to bake an excellent pumpkin pie. She sure is the boss when it comes to all things culinary and baking! Finally we visited a an apple juice festival. We had so much between us that we may have gone through a whole barrel of delicious hot, spiced apple juice. It was insane (and soooo tasty)!

Speaking of insane stuff, Talking Ben  made an amazing invention recently! In fact, it might be THE most insanely cool invention ever! It’s such an incredible piece of technology I’m not sure how he was able to make it. It can do some pretty unbelievable things, but like  most of the things Talking Ben creates – something went wrong! The strangest thing happened to my voice, and I was pretty sure I didn’t sound like myself anymore! Check out this week’s awesome new episode to find out what happened…

How crazy was that? Who knows what would have happened if everything stayed that way! I would have had to look for a career change!

Just like autumn time, this blog post is ending! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check in with me and my buds (that includes you too, ya know!). Remember to swing by next week for more gossip and awesomeness! Thanks again, guys, and I’ll see you next week!