Let’s Take a Selfie

December 8, 2016
Our World
By Tom

Ready, set, hello! It’s so nice to have such good looking fans as you lot! 😀 I’m really happy we meet again and I hope you enjoy reading about this week’s adventures.

Remember Talking Hank being all restless and edgy lately? Turns out that all he was missing was a new hobby. Thanks to Talking Angela, he found one: photography. We’ll see how long he’ll stick with it… Right now he’s mostly just taking selfies with his huge camera. Classic Hank, right? Although I have to admit, he has talent. As his friend, I wish him the best of luck!

After all, friendship is about more than just selfies. It’s also about helping your friends and being there for them when they’re not on their best footing, you know what I mean? Like Angela helping Hank discover photography even though he was totally annoying all week while he was trying out all those crazy hobbies. Wish I did it. But you can’t really compete with Angela when it comes to friendship and helping others out. She’s just so… perfect that way!

I admire Angela so much and I kinda also… You know… I, err… I kinda like her. There! You got it out of me! I wonder what she thinks of me? Oh well, I guess that’s a secret that will never be revealed… Or maybe it will? Check it out the trailer for our next episode.

By the way, have you seen Talking Ben? What’s he up to now? And what kind of a crazy, destructive machine has he invented this time? Ooh, this is gonna be interesting. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. Don’t forget to come back and watch it with me!

Have a good one! Bye.

– Tom 😀