Sneaking in sneakers

July 21, 2016
By Tom

Hey everybody! I’m glad to see you back here again! What a week it’s been! The team and I have been running our butts off looking for the robber who took our things, while trying to get all the help we can! You guys have been great at sending in your screenshots of where you’ve seen the robber in Talking Tom Gold Run. Thank you so much! You’ve been a really great help to us as we search for the fella! Talking Ben was able to show me some footage from our security camera. You won’t believe it, (although I’m sure you will as I know you’re really sharp like that :p ) but it showed none other than the robber himself breaking into our house and taking our stuff as we were sleeping! The nerve of the guy!

The thing about robbers is that they are great at hiding your stuff and then hiding THEMSELVES! We still have things missing from our house, although slowly but surely things are starting to reappear. The toughest part is that we just can’t seem to find him! I’m certain we’ve looked everywhere for the guy (well maybe not EVERYWHERE because if we did we would have found him by now! Lol!)


All that running around looking for the robber sure did make me hungry though. Running is great exercise and making sure you eat well afterwards helps you feel better and be ready sooner for the next run! Exercise and healthy eating go hand-in-hand, just like fun, and yours truly! You guys had some great suggestions for me and Talking Hank for post-run snacks! I’ll have to try them all and let you know my favorite. Thanks a lot everyone!


Aside from the usual game of proverbial hide-and-seek we’ve been having with the robber, we’ve got so much great stuff for you this week it’s unbelieveable! Check out our new trailer for the the NEW EPISODES of Talking Tom and Friends coming September 22nd. It’s a real thriller!



I’ve also done another one of my hilarious Brainfarts for you. If you ever get that mid-week feeling of there being too much stuff in your head and you just need a really good clear out of all the gunk that’s jamming up your brain, then worry no more! My new Brainfart is here to clear out your mind and get you ready for the weekend!



Check your pockets! Look in the washing machine! (If only we still had a washing a machine. The robber took it, and I have SO much laundry to do! Grrr!) Do whatever you can to help us find him! Stop by next week to see how we’ve gotten on, and thanks for stopping by this time. See you real soon everyone!