Summer Nights

August 11, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hi! And in case you’re reading this after sunset – good evening. Have you ever shifted your days around and turned all nocturnal? Like, staying up late and being really productive into the early hours?

Well, I hope not, because it’s not very healthy. But if there’s ever a time to enjoy time after dark, it’s summer. Aren’t summer nights just the best?! Looking up at the moon in the night sky, waiting for the shooting stars. It’s pretty magical! Not to mention all the animal sounds you can finally hear when people go to sleep and stop making so much noise. You know, like birds and crickets. We can even hear the howling of distant wolves and jackals where we live. But they don’t dare to come near the houses, so we’re safe. It sounds really cool though!

Now that half of the summer is already gone, we’ve realised we have to make the most of what’s left. So we’ve been playing games. Lots of games. We dressed up as knights and made a castle out of cardboard boxes. It was awesome! Then we took turns attacking and defending it. It was like being a kid again. And we also played a lot of nighttime hide and seek, which is always more fun – it’s more of a challenge! – because of the darkness.

But our summer night fun was rudely interrupted by the CEO. I know – him again. He stole Talking Angela’s song! Well… Actually, if we’re being 100% accurate, I sold it to him. But I swear I didn’t know it was him! I was just so happy that I did something right as Angela’s manager. It would have made her so happy! But in the end the sale caused all sorts of trouble for us. Just check this out:

Don’t you just hate the CEO? I mean, isn’t he just the worst?! We were so lucky to get out of that situation. It could have been way worse if you think about it. Now we can all just go back to enjoying our summer nights. That’s much more enjoyable than dealing with the CEO! 😀

Until next time! Have a great week and don’t forget to enjoy the long summer nights.

– Tom 😀