The Happiest Valentine’s Day

February 16, 2017
By Tom

Hello, my lovely friends. Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How was it?!

Mine was AMAZING!  Talking Angela was my valentine… We flew to Paris – it’s her favorite city. We had a lovely stroll along the vibrant city streets, fed the swans on the lake in the park, and even visited an art gallery. And then in the evening we had dinner in a great restaurant. It was just perfect.

Unfortunately, we had to get right back the next day. Angela had so much to do – there was no time to waste. I had some work waiting for me, too. You know, it’s not like I just hang around all day doing nothing while Talking Ben develops new apps. OK, I admit it! That sometimes happens. But this time I was genuinely busy.

And doing what, I hear you ask? Well, I was helping make a behind the scenes video. Cool, right? It’s about the writers who are doing such a great job on the Talking Tom and Friends animated series. They’re  an awesome bunch of guys and gals. Thanks to them, our episodes are super tense and super amazing to watch. Even Talking Hank agrees that our show is one of the better pieces of TV out there. And he’s an expert on all things TV-related. Oh yeah, and now he’s also an expert photographer living in Hawaii. What a career, right? 😀

Take a look at our behind the scenes video! It’s super cool, I promise.

Aren’t they great? I mean, you have to have loads of talent and discipline to make so many great episodes. And there are SO MANY great episodes! That reminds me – new episodes are coming out soon. You heard me! Season 2 is on it’s way! That’s my belated Valentine’s gift to you! You’re welcome. 😉

Don’t forget to check my blog, or Facebook or Twitter to get updates about Season 2. Hope we see each other next week! Bye.

– Tom 😀