The Winds of Change

March 9, 2017
Our World
By Tom

A warm but windy welcome to you all! 😀

Spring is just around the corner here at Tom and Ben Enterprises. In fact, we might already be feeling warm if it wasn’t so windy. Even with my headphones on I can hear the wind howling around the buildings in our neighborhood. But you know what? I like it! The wind will eventually blow away all the bitter winter air, fog and clouds. And then we’ll have sunshine all the time!

I’m a little less jealous of Talking Hank now. It was pretty tough for a while there when he was enjoying tropical Hawaiian weather and we had winter. But soon there won’t be much difference. Well, kind of. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that Hank is having WAY more fun in Hawaii than we’re having here. I mean, have you seen his latest antic?! He farted to lure out some of the island’s animals so he could take photos of them. He ended up attracting loads of fat, stinky flies (big surprise…) but, boy, he had so much fun! I LOLed for a whole day after he told me about it.

Talking Angela wasn’t impressed though. She’s been super busy completely changing her wardrobe. Searching for dresses and accessories, matching different pieces together. You know, fashion stuff. But it’s kinda awesome. And she’s so beautiful in all her dresses. Hmmm… I think I’m falling in love. Wait! What?! No, I’m not! Totally not into her at all. I don’t even think about Angela! Much… Okay, I do. But it’s just because it’s so hard not to think about her… 🙁

Gah! Moving on. Oh, I know what might take my mind off Angela: a competition! We had one with Talking Hank. It was though. But in the end there was no winner. Or was there? Take a look.

You see, the spring winds really are bringing some great stuff with them. And I can just tell that spring is gonna be a great overture to a fantastic summer. I promise! Till next time! Take care and don’t let the wind blow you away.

– Tom 😀