We’re Not Done Celebrating Yet

January 26, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Aloha, my friends! I hope you still remember the Hawaiian words we learned last week.

I bet Talking Hank knows a lot of Hawaiian by now, but I’ve stopped learning it because I’ve been busy… I’ve had lots of other things to do. Important things like playing “My Talking Hank”! I’ve filled more than half of my photo album so far and taken pictures of some of the rarest animals. I’ve already got Geeky Croc, Blues Monkey and Elephantastic (cool names, right?!). How about you?

We’re all still basically obsessed with Hank’s game and the photos he keeps sending from Hawaii. They’re so good! I tell you, one of these days he’ll get a major photography award and become a famous photographer with crowds screaming and crying for autographs whenever he turns up. He’ll be a rock star! More famous than me, I guess. Wait, what? More famous than me? Nope, on second thought, that probably won’t happen. I mean, that would be fine and all, but realistically, I’ll probably stay the most famous of the bunch.

So let’s talk about me a little bit. Haha! I have so much to catch you up on! This week I decided I want to go have fun in a foreign country. I wanted a bit of an adventure! I didn’t know where to go at first, but I heard they have this epic Lunar New Year’s celebration in China. So I went there to check it out. And guess what?! The robber went with me. I was trying to catch him in the Chinese running world. It was so much fun! A real celebration in China. Take a look if you don’t believe me!

It was super cool. But I didn’t catch the robber in the end. He’s lightning fast and sneaky as a snake. But one of these days…

Anyways, it was another week of fun and celebration for Talking Tom and Friends! I hope it was for you too. See you next week!

– Tom 😀