Winter is Coming

November 25, 2016
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By Tom

Brrrr, it’s getting cold. Oh, hi, everyone, I see the chilly air didn’t stop you from coming back. That’s good! We can’t let winter stop us from having a bunch of fun, right? Right! Now, get cosy up in a nice warm place and read all about this week.

Talking Angela always wants me to be super tidy, clean and neat for big events. So on Monday I beat her to it and I decided to get all clean in the bathtub before she told me to! But I broke my nail! And don’t say I’m clumsy, ‘cause I’m not. It’s just that bathtub is so slippery. I’ll have to ask Talking Ben to invent a better bathtub… Maybe one without the water… 😉

I had to dive deep in my wardrobe to dig out some winter clothes. Decent ones, too, ‘cause we had a big get-together for Thanksgiving. It went smoothly, only Angela wasn’t very happy about my broken nail when they took pictures of us with Talking Ben. Hah! I don’t care. I can take a selfie with a broken nail, with a dirty nail, with any kind of nail! Even if Angela polishes my nails, what am I gonna do? Cry? Not me. Oh no, not me.

I’m fearless. Talking Ben is, too. We’re two tough guys. Sometimes too tough for our own good. Man, the adventures we get into… This time Ben outdid himself – he invented a time machine. A time machine! It worked well, but the thing with time machines is that they’re incredibly unpredictable and you can… Well, I’ll let you see for yourself. But I’m warning you – you might not like how this episode ends.

Nobody knows how this is gonna resolve itself. Yet. But be sure to follow me on Facebook because I always have the latest news and hints. Tomorrow, for example, I’ll have a #BlackFriday surprise for you. And on Sunday, a #CyberMonday surprise. A lot of surprises, right? Well, you know me, I’m an unpredictable guy. But that’s the reason you like me, right? 😀

Don’t forget to come back next week! Maybe there will be more surprises, maybe not. But it won’t be boring, I can promise you that! Have fun till next time and, if you’re celebrating #Thanksgiving, have the best one ever! Bye.

– Tom 😀