Wonderful Winter Fun

December 15, 2016
Our World
By Tom

Well, hello! Nice to see you again! Doesn’t this cute “Warm Up Onesie” just suit me? I think it’s a fantastic picture. Just gorgeous.

The picture was taken by Talking Hank. Imagine that! Well, Hank is turning out to be quite an accomplished photographer. He may be too enthusiastic sometimes though, taking sneaky pictures when he really shouldn’t. But you can’t be mad at Hank for long, can you?

I’ve been playing Talking Tom Gold Run (link) this whole week and I finally managed to reach another amazing new level. Man, was I happy! I was celebrating like Talking Ginger when he gets his hands on a bowl of sweets. Unfortunately, while celebrating, I accidentally trashed half of my apartment! Oops! No big deal though, I’ll fix it myself when I have some free time. But first I have to play some more Talking Tom Gold Run (link) now that the new update is out! This winter has been so much fun so far!

Remember how a couple of weeks ago we were trying to throw a surprise party for Talking Angela but we almost failed? Well, when Talking Ben and Angela were alone, something strange happened… Ben started acting really weird. Like he was hiding a secret or something. But I know for a fact that he’s bad at keeping secrets so it’s just a matter of time. I just wonder how much longer he’ll be able to hold it in! Let’s see in this week’s episode.

Did you see Hank taking  Ben’s place? Now, that was funny. And it all went smoothly… Too smoothly for my liking. Something is brewing… I can’t wait to see what it is in next week’s episode!

Before I go, let me just give you a super top secret tip. If you download the latest update of My Talking Tom on Sunday, you’ll get a special gift just before the holidays. Great, right?

So, I hope you’re enjoying this winter as much as I am and that we see each other next week. Have fun!