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(Last update July 6, 2023)


Outfit7 understands the importance of the security and privacy of children's personal information. In order to protect the personal information of children in your custody, in addition to the End User License Agreement ("EULA") and the Outfit7 China Privacy Policy for Games ("Privacy Policy"), we will explain to you through the Outfit7 China Children's Privacy Policy for Games ("Policy") on how Outfit7 collects, stores, protects, uses and externally provides your children's personal information ("children's personal information") and the guardian's rights you are entitled. This Policy forms a part of and is integrated by reference to the Outfit7 China Privacy Policy for Games, which prevails in case of any discrepancies between the two policies.

The term "children" in this Policy refers to minors under the age of fourteen. It is essential for you (the children's parents or other guardians) to read and understand this Policy carefully and completely before your children play our Games, particularly the terms and conditions highlighted in bold, and only allow your children to play our Games after you have confirmed that you have fully understood and agreed with them. Once your children start playing our Games, you are deemed to have fully understood and agreed to this Policy.


When your children play our Game, we will only collect personal information about your children that you have consented to be collected, or which you have voluntarily provided. To comply with laws, regulations and regulatory requirements, we may collect your children's personal information, in order to provide our Games to your children. We have explained the specific types and purposes of information we may collect that require your consent and the consequences of refusing to give such consent in the Privacy Policy. We will use children's personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and this Policy.

When we intend to use children's personal information for purposes other than those stated in the Privacy Policy and this Policy, we will seek your consent again as required by laws and regulations.


We promise to keep children's personal information confidential and share children's personal information with third parties only in accordance with this Policy and your consent. If it is necessary to share children's personal information with third parties in order to provide Games, we shall review the lawfulness, justification and necessity of such third party's collection of the children's personal information. We sign strict cooperation agreements with companies that receive children's personal information from us, requiring them to handle the information in accordance with our requirements and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures. In addition, we shall obtain your consent as required by laws and regulations.


We shall store and transfer children's personal information as stated in the Privacy Policy. Unless required by laws, regulations or regulatory authorities, we shall store children's personal information for the minimum period necessary for the purposes described in this Policy. Beyond the minimum necessary period, we shall delete or anonymize children's personal information using reasonable measures to protect such information from unauthorized access or use.

We use encryption and other technical methods to store children's personal information to ensure the security of such information. Furthermore, access to the children's personal information is restricted to a limited number of our employees, who are all under strict confidentiality obligations. If there is a security incident involving the leakage of children's personal information, we will initiate the emergency plan to stop the security incident from expanding, take remedial measures and inform you and your children of the relevant situation in accordance with laws and regulations. You can refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


If you want to access, copy, correct, supplement, transfer or delete your children's personal information, you may exercise your guardian' rights related to your children at any time by contacting us through in-game customer service, or the contact information listed in the "Contact Us" section of this Policy or the Privacy Policy.

In the event of accessing, copying, correcting, supplementing, transferring or deleting your children's personal information, we shall require you to provide reasonable proof to verify your guardianship. Once we receive all information we need in order to be able to confirm your guardianship, we will delete your children's personal information you requested us to delete as soon as possible. Please note that we may still retain some or all of that information in an anonymized form according to the laws and regulations. You are always free to stop the further processing and collecting of your children's personal information by uninstalling all the Games Apps from each of your children's devices.

If you want to change your authorisation, please contact us.


Our Games may contain links to third party websites, products, or services. Please note that while using such third party websites, products, or services, your children are using sites, products, and services developed and administered by people or companies not affiliated with or controlled by us. We cannot control the actions of those people or companies, the content of their sites, products or services, the use of your children's personal information, or any products or services they may offer. Our link to such third parties does not constitute our sponsorship of, or affiliation with, those people or companies. Nor is such linking an endorsement of such third party's children's privacy or information security policies or practices or their compliance with laws. Children's personal information collected by third parties, which may include such things as location information or contact details, is governed by their children's privacy practices. We encourage you and your children to learn about the children's privacy practices of third parties with which you interact.


We will occasionally update this Policy as necessary to protect the children, furnish current information, and respond to legal and technical changes. The most current version of this Policy will govern our use of children's information and will be available at

After this Policy is updated, we will issue the updated version in the Games and notify users through pop-up prompts. If you do not agree to such changes, you may ask your child to stop playing our Games.


If you have questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact us through one of the following ways:

  • for children's privacy questions and exercising your guardian's rights via: [email protected];
  • for reaching out to our China office: Room 2130 KrSpace, Building 4, No.126 Yude Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China. Postcode: 200030

We will review your questions as soon as possible and respond within 15 working days after verifying the guardian's identity.

OUTFIT7 China Children'sPrivacy Policy For Games, July 6, 2023

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