High Flying Genius

July 27, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hi, everyone! It’s so good to see so many smart people reading my blog. It makes me feel smart, too! 😀

I mean, I know that I’m smart. Like, really smart. You guys think so too, right? Or don’t you? Truth be told, I’m not so sure myself anymore. It’s because of Talking Ben. But we’ll get to that later. First, let me tell you about the air race.

So, you know that you can use airplanes to catch the robber raccoon in Talking Tom Gold Run? Well, each of us has one – they’re awesome and unique planes. And we’re all good pilots, too. Well, one day the sun was shining and we had nothing in particular to do so… guess what we did? We decided to race! An air race, to be precise. Oh yeah. It was such a great idea! Except that Talking Ben didn’t want to take part! He was too busy inventing stuff. Classic Ben!

It didn’t stop us though! First, I raced against Talking Hank – I won that race easily. Then I raced Talking Angela and… errr, well, it’s not important who won that time. The most important thing is that we had fun – and we did! The adrenaline, the wind in my face, the freedom up in the air. It was incredible. Even better than playing Monkey Catch all the time. Although Monkey Catch is still my favorite mini-game in the My Talking Hank app though. It’s so much fun!

Anyway, I promised I’d tell you about my troubles with being smart. Well, this week Ben decided he needed a protégé, someone who’d be able to learn from him and help him. But when he started looking for candidates he… didn’t think of me. Ouch. And to make matters even worse he chose someone I don’t like – not even a little bit! Watch the video to see who he picked.

That’s right! Even geniuses can make mistakes. I hope Ben learned a lesson. I mean, I sure did. I no longer doubt my smarts for starters! But I don’t boast about them either. I am who I am, and that’s why you all like me so much. Right? Right. Haha! Till next time, guys, be smart.

– Tom 😀