It’s That Time Again

August 24, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hello, everyone. Woah. You know what? I’m still a bit tired from my birthday party last week. But I’ll get over it. I have to because the summer’s almost over and soon it’ll be back-to-school time.

Oh summer, why are you so short? Do you guys feel the same? I really wish I could make summer longer. Maybe just a few more weeks?! Hey, maybe we could move somewhere where it’s summer all the time? Do you know somewhere like that? Maybe Talking Hank’s Hawaii?

Speaking of Talking Hank – he wanted to redesign the school uniforms so he turned into a fashion designer for a day and made new clothes for himself. To be honest, I think he just put on an old sweatsuit and a pair of trainers. He looked really comfortable but I thought the outfit might be too casual for school. On the other hand, Hank may be right. After all, being comfortable when you’re working hard is important. When I’m brainstorming new app ideas I’m always dressed in the most casual outfits imaginable. And then, when Talking Angela says she’s coming over, I quickly go and get properly dressed up! 😀 I have to look cool for Angela, right?

So, what about you? Are you getting ready to head back to school? Or maybe the summer break’s already over for you? If so, what’s it like on the other side?! In any case, you should check out the My Talking Angela app (+ link). She’s just released an update and it’s full of awesome back-to-school stuff. Angela just made a super cool video about some of her current monthly faves, too. You should check it out!

So, there you have it – summer’s almost gone and it’s time to get ready for autumn and all the adventures that will come with it. But first, let’s just enjoy the summer a little bit longer!

– Tom 😀