Rollercoaster and a Ferris Wheel

June 29, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hi. Good to see you again! I apologize in advance if I talk a bit weird this time – my head’s still spinning from the Barf-A-Coaster. Don’t know what that is? I’ll explain.

We found out last week that a big carnival was coming to town. You know, roller coasters, ferris wheels, bumper cars, carousels and hundreds of other games and rides and fun stuff! Talking Ginger almost exploded from all the excitement. We could barely keep up with him. Well, the others couldn’t, but I’m almost as big a fan of amusement parks as Ginger! The speed, the gravity-defying rides, the adrenaline… I just love it!

Carnivals also always remind me of summer. They’re kind of a summer thing, aren’t they? Just so many great things happen in the summertime. You can play sports with your friends, chill out by the pool or hang out at the beach. You can kick back and enjoy long warm summer nights under the stars with BBQs and outdoor cinemas and all kinds of fun stuff. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Maybe even too nice sometimes though… You can get carried away. Maybe that’s why me and Talking Angela have this… thing between us. You know, where we can’t decide if we want to stay friends or become… er, something else. I mean, we don’t want to become anything more than just friends. We want to stay like we are, which is really difficult sometimes. Take a look for yourself.

See, I told you! Take a warm summer night and throw in a lovely girl and a ferris wheel and your life can totally turn into a roller coaster! Incredible. But I have a plan. All I have to do is to avoid Angela for the rest of the summer. Easy…. Do you think I’ll be able to do it? Come back next time to find out. 😉 Bye!

– Tom 😀