Time for Monkey Business

July 20, 2017
Our World
By Tom

Hi. How are you all doing? Heat’s not bothering you? It’s not bothering me anymore. I decided I just don’t care if I’m a bit sweaty, you know what I mean?

Although, this week I haven’t really been doing anything that could make me break a sweat. I’ve just been hanging out with my friends, playing Monkey Catch… You know Monkey Catch? It’s the new mini-game in My Talking Hank. It’s really great! And a little addictive! We were competing to see who could catch the most monkeys and guess what? I won! Yes I did. I guess my reflexes are just better than everyone else’s. Also, I may have been playing it more than anyone else… 😉

Because of Monkey Catch, Talking Angela and I were spending less and less time together (told you it was a bit addictive!). Which made us a bit insecure about our relationship. We started wondering if we’re as good a couple as we think we are… Whoa. Things got little crazy from there on. Actually, more than just crazy. We ended up competing against Talking Ben and his girlfriend Xenon. Sound strange? It was. I can’t even explain it in words, you’ll have to take a look for yourself.

Nuts, right?! No one can ever judge your relationship. And you definitely shouldn’t compete to see who loves who best. No, that’s not healthy for anyone. You know what I think? It doesn’t matter what other people think about us – it should just matter what me and Angela think! And I think we’re pretty great.

And I also think we should play Monkey Catch some more. It’s such a great game!

Until next week! Keep it cool and don’t worry too much. About anything.

– Tom 😀