PREMIERE! Micro Spy Tom | Season 5 Episode 4


Talking Tom has a brilliant plan to find out what Roy Rakoon is up to – he’ll shrink himself and go inside his neighbor’s body! What could go wrong?

Smash the Trash| Season 5 Episode 3


Talking Ben’s new invention will make doing chores super easy! But when the machine malfunctions, the friends get transformed into paper-thin versions of themselves.

Hank’s First Date| Season 5 Episode 2


Talking Hank is going on his first-ever date… And it’s with Talking Becca! Could it be that romance is in the air? Or is Hank about to mess this up in a way that only he can?

Neighbor Roy | Season 5 Episode 1


A new neighbor is moving in next door! But Talking Tom thinks he’s… TOO perfect. Can he expose the new guy’s dark secret? Or is jealousy making him totally paranoid?

Escape: Impossible! | Season 4 Episode 25


Talking Tom and Friends get trapped in a storage room. Now TV detectives Bongo and McGillicuddy must find the villain and help them get out!

Basketball Hero | Season 4 Episode 24


Talking Ginger asks Talking Hank to join his basketball team, so Hank’s headed back to school!

Chocolate Battle | Season 4 Episode 23


Talking Tom and Friends enter a battle royale for a big chocolate price, but not everyone’s playing fair. This means war!

The New CEO | Season 4 Episode 22


The CEO’s left Goldie the goldfish in charge of his company! But things get even weirder when Talking Hank’s the only one who knows what his old fishy pal wants…

Boyfriend Stealer | Season 4 Episode 21


As everyone prepares for a big town dance, Talking Angela becomes suspicious that Talking Tom’s spending a lot of time with Talking Becca.

The Weather Machine| Season 4 Episode 20


Talking Ben’s finally allowed to invent things again! But has he learned his lesson? Or will his inventions put the whole world at risk again?

Space Rescue | Season 4 Episode 19


Talking Tom wins a free spaceship flight, but it might not be the exciting vacation he imagined…

The Bad Germ | Season 4 Episode 18


Jeremy the Germ gets a visit from his brother Nigel, who wants to turn him back to his old bad-guy habits. Will Jeremy be able to resist that and stay loyal to Talking Tom and his friends?

Hank’s TV Party | Season 4 Episode 17


Talking Hank’s sick on his birthday, but it becomes the best birthday ever after a visit from his favorite TV characters, Bongo and McGillicuddy.

The Cursed Game | Season 4 Episode 16


It’s game night! But things take a crazy turn when they get pulled inside a cursed board game that they have to win in order to escape!

Happy Anniversary | Season 4 Episode 15


Talking Tom forgets his anniversary with Talking Angela and struggles to find the perfect last-minute gift.

The Mystery of the Pyramid | Season 4 Episode 14


Talking Angela’s got a big gig! And it’s in front of a cool ancient pyramid! But just as she’s about to perform, weird things start happening…

The Secret Life of Ms Vanthrax | Season 4 Episode 13


Talking Ginger discovers that his teacher Ms Vanthrax has a secret life as a monster hunter. Is this for real, or is he just imagining things?

Movie Star Angelo | Season 4 Episode 12


Talking Angela wants a part in a big new movie… Even if she has to pretend to be a guy to get it!

Save The Tree | Season 4 Episode 11


When Talking Angela tries to stop the Landlord from chopping down a beloved tree, she wakes up a swarm of angry butt-pinching bugs!

Mystery Crate Empire | Season 4 Episode 10


Talking Tom and Talking Ben start selling boxes of things they don’t need. But the business goes so well they quickly run stuff to sell…

Who is Becca? | Season 4 Episode 9


There’s a new girl in town, Talking Becca – and she’s dissing Talking Angela’s music. What can this lead to?

Supermodel Tom| Season 4 Episode 8


Talking Tom gets invited to become one of the world’s top models, and he loves the sudden fame and attention. But when his friends start treating him like a bubble-headed buffoon, he realizes he’s suffering from “The Model’s Curse”. Can Tom change the way the world sees his good-looking colleagues, or will no one ever take him seriously again?

The Great Taxi Race| Season 4 Episode 7


Talking Ben has a great new plan to save “Tom and Ben Enterprises” – he’s going to start the town’s only taxi service! To everyone’s surprise, Ben’s business starts booming… Until a new car shows up that’s cooler, cleaner, and fully computerized. Will the competition drive Ben out of town?

Tom the Bodyguard | Season 4 Episode 6


When a mad fan threatens Talking Angela’s comeback concert, Talking Tom decides the best choice to be her bodyguard is… Tom!

Worst Mayor Ever | Season 4 Episode 5


On Talking Tom’s last day as Mayor, the Key to the City goes missing… Seems like a job for the incredible Detective Hank!

Ben’s Digital Detox | Season 4 Episode 4


Criminals want to steal a precious item from the garage! This is a chance for Talking Ben to jump into action – he’s been desperate for something to do since his tech ban…

The Good Germ | Season 4 Episode 3


Jeremy the Germ is a painfully gross roommate so Talking Tom and Friends try to help him control his worst impulses. Success? Not likely…

The Digital Queen | Season 4 Episode 2


Talking Angela’s been found! But something’s not quite right… Is she still the same person? And does she actually want to go home?

Where’s Angela?| Season 4 Episode 1


Talking Angela’s missing! Will her friends be able to find her and bring her home? Or is she lost forever?

Glitch Apocalypse| Season 3 Episode 26


Faced with the end of the world, Talking Tom and Talking Ben have to act quickly! Can they save the town in time?!

Retro-Sonic Angela | Season 3 Episode 25


Losing hope in her dreams of being a singing superstar, Talking Angela decides to change her outlook – and her sound. What happens next, no one could have predicted!

Cheat Code | Season 3 Episode 24


Talking Tom and Talking Ben are desperate because Talking Ginger always beats them in the popular MMO game they’re playing. The only option they’ve got left is to use a cheat code. But is it the best thing to do?

The Yes Girl | Season 3 Episode 23


Talking Angela embraces a positive philosophy of saying “yes” to absolutely everything. Unexpectedly, it gets her into big trouble…

Unfriend ‘Em All! | Season 3 Episode 22


Talking Tom uses an experimental device to block an annoying guy from appearing in a real life. But not for the first time, Tom discovers that experiments can have undesired side effects!

The Dance Contest | Season 3 Episode 21


Ms. Vanthrax has been put in charge of the garage! How will Talking Tom and Friends escape to attend the dance contest?