As used in this Video Policy, “Outfit7”, “we”, “us” or “our”, “ours” refers to Outfit7 Limited, registered at 1st Floor Sackville House, 143-149 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 6BN London, United Kingdom, with business and billing address at Christaki Kranou 20, 2nd Floor, 4041 Limassol, Cyprus, and all of its subsidiaries.

This Video Policy is part of and incorporated by reference into the End User License Agreement (the “EULA”) governing the use of all "OUTFIT7" branded software applications (the “Application/s”), which may operate on any type of computing device (including without limitation, a mobile device), and applies to your use of the Applications and/or https://outfit7.com, https://talkingtomandfriends.com and any other websites and/or URL which may replace it or which may be added to the list of websites published by us and linking to this Video Policy (the “Website/s”). Furthermore and notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated herein, this Video Policy also governs the use of all OUTFIT7 video content published on Social Media Accounts (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) and YouTube channels.

By agreeing to the EULA and/or using the Applications, the Websites, Social Media Accounts or YouTube channels, as defined above, you agree to and wish to be bound by the terms of this Video Policy. You are allowed to create videos (“Video(s)”), using our Applications, video images, footage, music, sounds, speech or any other assets from Outfit7 (“Outfit7 Content”), subject to the following limitations and rules:

  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE. You are not allowed to charge any kind of fees from users to view or access your Videos. Unless you obtain a prior written approval from Outfit7, you are also not allowed to sell or license your Videos for a payment of any kind. Outfit7 reserves the right to issue a monetization claim on Videos featuring Outfit7 Content. To the extent Outfit7 does not issue a monetization claim on Videos featuring Outfit7 Content, you may monetize such Videos by using advertisement, whereas you are solely responsible for ensuring that such advertisement is compliant with any and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and developer policies.
  • LIMITED USE. Only a limited use of Outfit7 Content is permitted in your Videos. Each continuous uncut segment taken from Outfit7 Content and included in your Video must not exceed 10 seconds. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated herein, aforementioned limitation does not apply to Videos showing gameplay from Outfit7 genuine applications as defined herein below.
  • NO DUPLICATING. This Video Policy is intended for Videos that include creative spin on Outfit7 Content, hence simple duplication of Outfit7 assets is not in line with this Video Policy and Outfit7 reserves the right to remove or monetize (in whole or in part) any Videos that are only reproducing Outfit7 Content.
  • BE APPROPRIATE. Outfit7 is a family oriented company, therefore you are not allowed to create and post Videos that contain nudity, sexually explicit content, violent or graphic content, hateful, harmful or dangerous content, offensive content, brand damaging content or any other inappropriate content that makes untrue, dishonest, disparaging sensational or libelous statements about Outfit7 and/or its products, employees and agents.
  • ORIGINAL GAMES ONLY. You are permitted to create and post Videos showing gameplay from Outfit7 genuine applications. Keep in mind that there are several fraudulent online applications using Outfit7 Content and Outfit7 will unconditionally request to remove any such Videos infringing Outfit7’s copyright material.
  • NO CHEATING OR HACKING. You are not allowed to create, post and promote Videos that explain cheating and/or hacking into Outfit7 applications.
  • NO ALTERATIONS. The recordings of Outfit7’s App gameplays should represent an accurate, unaltered view as displayed on the screen, whereas unallowed alterations include but are not limited to orientation or aspect rate changes and colour filtering.
  • MAKE IT CLEAR IT IS A FAN PRODUCT. You are not allowed to create and post Videos under the impression that Outfit7 is a creator or sponsor of your Video or in a way that audience might understand that such Video is an official Outfit7’s release.
  • RESPECT CREATIVE OWNERSHIP. Beside from Outfit7 Content do not use any third party creative materials in your Videos, unless you have obtained their prior written approval or purchased appropriate license from such third party. Outfit7 is not responsible for any copyright claims raised from such third parties.
  • NO OFFLINE DOWNLOAD. You are not permitted to download any official Outfit7 Videos from any online platform (including but not limited to YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, VKontakte, Facebook Live) and disseminate simple duplication of such Videos on another online platform, make any derivative works of such Videos and/or make them available for offline download.
  • NO LIVE STREAMING. Under no circumstances shall your Videos featuring Outfit7 Content be played out as a livestreaming event on any distribution platform without our prior written consent.
  • NO MISLEADING DATA. You cannot use misleading and/or unrelated metadata (including but not limited to titles, descriptions, tags), which include Outfit7’s trademarks in published Videos.

THUMBNAILS. You are not permitted to replicate motives used in Outfit7’s original YouTube thumbnails and/or use Outfit7’s official promo/social graphics for thumbnails.

Outfit7 reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion, which Videos are in accordance with the above-mentioned limitations and rules. Failure to comply with this Video Policy may result in Outfit7 taking action to have your Video removed without any notice and liability to you.


Please check https://outfit7.com/video-policy/ regularly for changes to our Video Policy. Outfit7 reserves the right to change this Video Policy at any time and for any reason.


In case you have any questions feel free to contact us via https://outfit7.com/contact/.

OUTFIT7 Video Policy, v1.2, last update September 2019